Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 Free Download

Download Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 free standalone setup. The Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 is a colorful and light version of Windows 10 specially developed for those users who do not need unnecessary Windows components.

Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 Overview

Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 is a lightweight yet powerful operating system specially developed for system administrators, gamers and the users who do not want unnecessary wants programs. This Windows 10 Lite Edition contains very limited default Windows programs. It comes with just basic and must-have Windows apps. It also allows users to remove the programs in case a gamer or system administrator thinks the program useless for him.

Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 Free Download

In case, if the user needs some specific app for Windows, it helps to download it from Windows store. The Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 has removed the Edge browsers from this version, but still, there is IE available if the user wants to explore or search something on the internet. In other programs, Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 has get rid of these apps.

  • Removed: Microsoft | volsnap.inf
  • Removed: 3DBuilder
  • Removed: Accessibility tools
  • Removed: Advertising.Xaml
  • Removed: Auto-Rotation Manager
  • Removed: AutoPlay
  • Removed: BingWeather
  • Removed: BioEnrollment
  • Removed: Cache and temp files
  • Removed: Contact Data
  • Removed: ContactSupport
  • Removed: ContentDeliveryManager
  • Removed: Cortana
  • Removed: CortanaListenUIApp
  • Removed: DesktopAppInstaller
  • Removed: DVD Play
  • Removed: Ease Of Access Themes
  • Removed: Kernel Debugging
  • Removed: LockApp
  • Removed: Manifest Backup (WinSxS\Backup)
  • Removed: Manual Setup
  • Removed: Messaging
  • Removed: Microsoft3DViewer
  • Removed: MicrosoftEdge
  • Removed: MicrosoftOfficeHub
  • Removed: MicrosoftSolitaireCollection
  • Removed: MicrosoftStickyNotes
  • Removed: MiracastView
  • Removed: NET.Native.Framework.1.3
  • Removed: NET.Native.Runtime.1.3
  • Removed: NET.Native.Runtime.1.4
  • Removed: Office.OneNote
  • Removed: On-Screen Keyboard (Accessibility tools)
  • Removed: OneConnect
  • Removed: OneDrive
  • Removed: Other Themes
  • Removed: Paint 3D
  • Removed: People
  • Removed: Photos
  • Removed: PlayReady
  • Removed: Retail Demo Content
  • Removed: Screensavers
  • Removed: Setting Sync
  • Removed: Shared PC mode
  • Removed: Skype ORTC
  • Removed: SkypeApp
  • Removed: SmartScreen
  • Removed: Sound Themes
  • Removed: Sounds (Default)
  • Removed: Speech TTS
  • Removed: Steps Recorder
  • Removed: StorePurchaseApp
  • Removed: System Restore
  • Removed: Text prediction
  • Removed: Tablet PC
  • Removed: On-Screen Keyboard (Tablet PC)
  • Removed: Tips (Get Started)
  • Removed: Unified Telemetry Client (Asimov)
  • Removed: User Data Access
  • Removed: User Data Storage
  • Removed: VCLibs.140.00
  • Removed: Volume Shadow Copy
  • Removed: Wallet
  • Removed: WindowPicker
  • Removed: Windows Backup
  • Removed: Block Level Backup Service Engine
  • Removed: Windows Biometric Service
  • Removed: Windows Disc Image Burning Tool
  • Removed: Windows Error Reporting
  • Removed: Windows Insider Hub
  • Removed: Windows Mixed Reality
  • Removed: Windows Recovery
  • Removed: Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT)
  • Removed: WindowsAlarms
  • Removed: WindowsCalculator
  • Removed: WindowsCamera
  • Removed: windowscommunicationsapps
  • Removed: WindowsFeedbackHub
  • Removed: WindowsMaps
  • Removed: WindowsSoundRecorder
  • Removed: WindowsStore
  • Removed: Xbox App
  • Removed: XboxGameCallableUI
  • Removed: XboxGameOverlay
  • Removed: XboxIdentityProvider
  • Removed: XboxSpeechToTextOverlay
  • Removed: ZuneMusic
  • Removed: ZuneVideo
  • Removed: Speech Recognition
  • Removed: Tablet PC

So if you are a gamer or a system administrator guy and looking for light version of Windows 10, we highly recommend you to bag this version without wasting a bit of moment.

Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 Features

  • A lightweight yet powerful operating system for advanced users
  • Provides the easiest way to removed unnecessary programs and apps
  • Fresh, clean, and eye-catchy theme with a different color combination
  • Ideal operating systems for gamers, security advisors, and system admins
  • Could be used as one of the best-operating systems for educational purposes
  • The simple and straight forward installation process
  • Excellent ability to handle modern apps and games challenges

Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 Free Download

Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 Technical Details

  • Operating Systems: (Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019)
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • File Name: Win.10.Lite.Edition.v8.x86.2019.iso, Win.10.Lite.Edition.v8.2019.iso
  • File Size: 1.7 GB, 2.4 GB
  • 16 GB HDD
  • Intel Multi-Core Processor

Download Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 Free

Click on the button given below to download Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 standalone setup. It is a complete offline setup of Windows 10 Lite Edition v8 2019 with a single click download link. You can also Download Windows 7 Lite Edition Free.

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