Secret Disk Pro 4 Free Download

Download Secret Disk Pro 4 free setup for windows. Secret disk pro is the latest software for windows that helps the user to create a secret disk which can be protected by a password.

Secret Disk Pro 4 Review

The Secret Disk Pro 4 was published by Privacy Tools on 21st July 2015. It is a tool for creating hidden virtual drives, which is used to hide special data. User can apply a password for the protection of virtual drive. Overall if we talk about it, it is really a useful tool for the computers used by more than one user. It creates an additional disk which is invisible and locked with a password within one second. Users can make private files and folders invisible and protected and may be formatted when needed. The quality of this program is that it can create disk very quickly.

Secret Disk Pro 4 Review

Secret Disk work as usual hard disk and compatible with any other program which user has installed. In case of power outage and error of operating system Windows the secret disk will be locked and become invisible automatically. Secret disk does not encrypt any file, it just limitize access to your files. No doubt it provides enough security to hide your files from any other user. Secret disk is feasible to replace the password or eliminate it entirely.

Features of Secret Disk Pro 4

Following are some of the features of Secret Disk Pro which make it most popular software amongst the users

  • It can create an invisible disk which can be locked by a password or you may keep it without password
  • For the convenience, we made that it could have opted for the user
  • The scheduled is protected with PIN rule and also there is an option to disable it
  • The secret disk will automatically disappear if launched screen saver or your  turn off windows
  • The Secret Disk Pro-4 had come with new design and a clean user interface
  • In new version, user can add his own image to desk instead of standard
  • Secret-Disk Pro 4 not only allows to create one secret disk but more than one can be made by this software

Technical Details of Secret Disk Pro 4

Following system is required to install Secret Disk Pro 4

  • Operating System (Windows XP /2003 /Vista /Server 2008 / 7 / 8)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Disk: 2 GB
  • File Name: pcpapa-Secret-Disk.exe
  • File Size: 511 KB
  • Developers: Privacy Tools

Secret Disk Pro 4 Free Download

Click on the link below to download Secret Disk Pro 4. This is a complete offline one-click installer of Secret Disk pro 4 which is compatible with all latest operating system.