Learn About The Functionality Of Adobe Reader

Learn About The Functionality Of Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a powerful program that makes it easy to share your documents across several computers. Anyone can get adobe reader for pc which is available as a free download. Nowadays, almost all websites allow you to download files, which you can easily access using the Adobe Reader program. In fact, it helps websites to skip the necessity to post multiple versions of data for various operating systems and software programs.

To start using Adobe Reader, you must have a clear understanding of what PDF is all about. It is a Portable Document Format. Adobe Reader allows you to read files which are saved in PDF. Such data can be accessed on PC, Mac, and Unix platforms. Users of smartphones can also access PDF files.

Development History of Adobe

The debuted version of Adobe Systems was presented in 1992 at the Comdex Trade Show. There are many Acrobat tools that made it possible to manipulate and edit PDF files. In the beginning, the product reached the market at hefty price tags. For example, Acrobat Distiller for creating data used to cost $695 and Acrobat Reader used to cost $50 for Acrobat Reader. It was the initial version of the well-known Adobe Reader which we all can use for free. Acrobat 3.0 was released in 1996. It was an innovative link between a web browser and PDF. Many companies started to develop their own powerful applications to the benefit of the PDF in the publishing industry. Nowadays, it is the number one product in information exchange. It incorporated a lot of new features to boost performance.

The difference between Adobe Reader and Acrobat

Both programs, Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat, belong to the same company. By using them, people can access various PDFs. If you want to get a free version, you should choose Adobe Reader, yet its capabilities are a bit limited compared to Adobe Acrobat. For example, users can view PDFs, but they are restricted to modify or create new documents. If you want to enjoy the full functionality, you should choose the paid version Adobe Acrobat which has no limitations in manipulating or creating new PDFs. Note that using Adobe Reader, the appearance of the file will remain the same, no matter which computer you use. However, it is highly recommended to update the program regularly, since Adobe Reader is free.

Learn About The Functionality Of Adobe Reader free

Does Adobe Reader have the ability to multimedia playback?

You can get access to multimedia playback feature if you have installed Adobe Reader 9. Usually, we use such programs for multimedia files as Flash, RealPlayer, QuickTime, or Windows Media. However, you can add Adobe to this list because its new feature allows various multimedia files to be embedded in PDF documents directly and be played within the Adobe Reader program. Now you do not have to install and open additional programs.

What are the additional accessibility features of Adobe Reader?

Once people with disabilities have installed Adobe Reader on your computer, they can access PDF too. The company presented the new feature is called “read aloud.” People who are visually impaired can enjoy the program reading the words of a document.

The main advantages of using Adobe Reader:

  • Distribute forms;
  • Produce downloadable product guides/documentation;
  • Share business project proposals in password-protected files;
  • Distribute interactive documents with incorporated movies/sounds;
  • Supports a range of operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, Android;
  • Available in 35 languages;
  • Enables users to complete/sign/certify forms;
  • Write reviews/comments on documents;
  • convert PDF text to Excel/Word;
  • Search for specific terms/ content;
  • Print/save files with comments.

Learn About The Functionality Of Adobe Reader free


If you are an average PC user, a free Adobe Reader will satisfy your needs fully. Unless you need advanced prepress tools, you may find that Adobe Acrobat gives you much more capabilities: the ability to create and customize forms. Think carefully and make your choice. Both versions work great and worth your attention.