Guide on How to Write a Research Paper on Antiviruses

When writing a research paper on antiviruses it is essential to follow the latest updates in the computer science sphere. There are points which students often forget to elaborate on. We’ve asked expert academic authors to give some practical tips on antiviruses research paper writing. Use them right away!

Elaborate on Analysis Approaches

Data Analysis

Data analysis includes auditors and polyphages. The auditors analyze the consequences of computer viruses and other malware. The consequences are manifested in changing data that should not change. It is the fact of data changing that is a sign of malware activity from an auditor’s point of view. In other words, the auditors monitor the integrity of the data and, in the event of an integrity violation, decide on the presence of malware in the computer environment.


Polyphagous act differently. Based on data analysis, they isolate fragments of malicious code (for example, by its signature), and on this basis conclude that there are malicious programs. Removing or treating infected data can prevent the negative effects of the execution of malicious programs. Thus, on the basis of analysis in statics, the consequences arising in dynamics are warned.


The scheme of work of auditors and polyphagous is almost the same – compare the data (or their checksum) with one or more reference samples. Data is compared with other data. Thus, to find a virus in your computer, it is necessary that it already worked, so that the consequences of its activity appear. This way you can find only known viruses for which code or signature fragments are described in advance. It is unlikely that such protection can be called reliable.

Process analysis

Anti-virus tools based on the analysis of processes work differently. Heuristic analyzers, as well as the ones described above, analyze data (on disk, in a channel, in memory, etc.). The principal difference is that the analysis is carried out under the assumption that the code being analyzed is not data, but commands (in computers with a von Neumann architecture, data and commands are indistinguishable, therefore, one or another assumption has to be made in the analysis)


The heuristic analyzer identifies a sequence of operations, assigns a certain hazard rating to each of them, and decides whether the sequence of operations is part of the malicious code. The code itself is not executed.


Behavioral blockers are another type of anti-virus tool based on process analysis. In this case, the suspicious code is executed in stages until the combination of actions initiated by the code is evaluated as dangerous (or safe) behavior. The code is partially executed since simpler data analysis methods can detect the completion of the malicious code.

Unveil Security Matters

Rules for preventing viruses hitting someone’s computers:

  • Never open attachments in letters from strangers or organizations.
  • Enable the display of file extensions in the operating system.
  • Be sure to check the extension of the attached files, even if the letter came from a known sender. If the name of the attached file ends with “dangerous” extensions – do not open them. Ask the sender to send files in a different format.
  • Timely install updates of the operating system and application programs.
  • Install a licensed antivirus program on your computer and ensure that the virus signature databases are updated regularly.
  • The system administrator of the enterprise or the person responsible for the organization’s IT environment is strongly recommended:


Modify anti-virus settings in accordance with the recommendations of antivirus companies to protect yourself against encryption viruses. Do not rely entirely on the antivirus, as it is not always the antivirus software quickly responds to the appearance of a new virus modification. Timely update the anti-virus database. Make regular backups of important data.


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