Step By Step Course To Improve Your English Fluency

In this course, we will learn how to memorize English vocabulary, and methods for improving your reading, listening and speaking skills!

What you will Learn In This English Fluency Course

You will discover a very effective method for MEMORIZING VOCABULARY in a REAL way, so that you grow your English vocabulary, building thousands and thousands of words that are easily remembered.

You will learn about some strategies for improving your READING FLUENCY, which when used with the MEMORIZING VOCABULARY technique, will result in you building your English vocabulary to a much larger amount of words.

I will also talk about some great sources of READING CONTENT for consuming English vocabulary.

You will learn about some strategies for improving your LISTENING FLUENCY, and how the MEMORIZING VOCABULARY and IMAGINATION techniques can work for listening as well.

Step By Step Course To Improve Your English Fluency

I’ll also share some resources/websites etc where you can find great English listening content, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in English.

You will learn about how intelligent MEMORIZING, READING & LISTENING strategies can result in high-quality SPEAKING FLUENCY.

I’ll talk about finding good situations to practice speaking English, and websites for finding great English teachers to practice speaking with.

I’ll share a method which I use in classes to boost my students’ SPEAKING FLUENCY by turning “passive” vocabulary into “active” vocabulary, and a method which you can use at home (for free) which can improve your SPEAKING FLUENCY by yourself.

And lastly, I’ll talk about MOVING TO AN ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY, as well as a brief mention of how these methods can be used to improve your WRITING as well.

Requirements for English Fluency Course

  • You should have a passion for learning English
  • If you want to improve your spoken English and speak more like a native, you need to be willing to first work on memorizing vocabulary well, and using successful English reading and listening strategies
  • This is an English course that is really about ‘how to learn English’. It starts at the deeper level of strategies, methods etc. So you need to be ok with that. It’s more about the “big picture” of English learning (habits, daily methods etc) and less about the tiny details of grammar, pronunciation etc.

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