AOMEI MultCloud 4.4.3 One Solution For All Cloud Storage Accounts

AOMEI MultCloud is a powerful all in one cloud management utility that allows you to manage your cloud storage accounts into one place.

AOMEI MultCloud 4.4.3 Review

MultCloud is a free cloud management utility developed by AOMEI TECH, same developers who also make free backup tools. The purpose of creating MultCloud is to manage all cloud storage accounts in one place. If you are using multiple cloud accounts you may know it difficult to manage all account together. But thanks to Aomei MultCloud now we can tie up all our online storge utilities at one spot. MultCloud also allows you to transfer files like documents, images, music, and videos from multiple cloud storage services all under one virtual roof. All you need is to simply drag and drops files you want to transfer from one drive to another.

AOMEI MultCloud 4.4.3 Review

MultCloud support all popular and famous cloud storage medium like DropBox, Google Drive, WebDAV, OneDrive, SugarSync, FTP, Pcloud, MediaFire, Mega and many more. All you have to do is simply signup to MultCloud after that you can add your desire cloud media accounts to Multi cloud. After that, you can download files, create folders, and upload new files to any of your connected cloud storage accounts. All in a nutshell, if you are looking for an excellent tool that can manage your cloud storage account in under a roof then, MultCloud is a tool for you and we highly recommend it.

Features of AOMEI MultCloud 4.4.3

  • Support multiple cloud media account
  • Tie up all your cloud media accounts under a roof
  • Can move data and files at backstage after your computer is power-off
  • Schedule data transfer option
  • sync clouds and scheduled cloud to cloud backup
  • Directly transfer files from one cloud drive to another easily
  • Backup& Sync Data across Clouds
  • Manage multiple FTP accounts in one place, Migrate, sync or backup data between different FTP accounts
  • Google chrome extension app
  • Public and Private Data Sharing

How to Sign up for MultCloud?

Click on the link given below to free signup for MultCloud. The best part about MultCloud is that it’s 100% free.  No fees, no advertisements, no upsells to “upgrade” to a pro version – just free.

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